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Take the first step towards meeting your weight loss and wellness goals today! New group classes and individual sessions are beginning now. Schedule a FREE 15 minute introduction to our Houston Weight Management and Wellness Programs: 713.661.955
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The Life Long Weigh is unique, as our treatment plans utilize the tenants of holistic health care focusing on treating the root of chronic conditions rather than simply masking the symptoms. We take on each patient as family and will personally support you through each stage of your journey towards the more vibrant you!
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The Life Long Weigh offers individualized approaches to wellness, weight loss, and unique treatment of chronic disease. As a Houston-based Medical Practice, we follow your weight loss goals beyond the scale and are able to monitor your risk for disease while working to improve your overall health and wellness.
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All programs are medically supervised and facilitated through medical professionals Dr. Karen E. Hill, Internal Medicine Board Certified Physician, and Ali Miller, Registered and Licensed Dietitian.
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